About Us

AlamSoft is a UK-based technology company, with a team of highly qualified business analysts, BPMS consultants and software engineers. We provide solutions exactly tailored to your requirements. We work in a variety of IT domains covering BPMS, workflows, Business Intelligence, Analysis, Web Design, Development, and Quality Aassurance. Our software consultants work within a discipline that starts with defining your needs in detail. We follow agile development model using this model you will be aware with the progress of your project sprint by sprint.



We provide consultancy to large organizations to automate their business processes using low-code plateforms.


We provide customized as well as generic solutions to automate eduction sections.


Design is an art of representation, it depicts your idea, thoughts and business.We design web interface of a thought.

Web Development

AlamSoft defines and envisions your web-presence objectives and set up how users will interact with it.

Business Intelligence

We provide predictive and actionable intelligence to craft a long term strategy that delivers immediate value and opportunity for long term growth of your business.

User Experience

Ease of use and efficiency. Your application either a web or mobile application can't grab users until users feel good.